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Gemma Joy Bedtime Bunny Baby Sleep Soother with Cry Activated Sensor, Plush Stuffed Animal for Newborn Infants, Calming Light, Lullaby Music, White Noise, Mother’s Heartbeat and Baby Shushing Sounds

Product Description Gemma JoyGemma Joy Sleep Habits Are ImportantSleep Habits Are Important

Reduce your baby’s stress and separation anxiety when it’s time for bed and throughout the night with a calming Bedtime Bunny.

When you’re a parent you know firsthand how challenging it can be for your baby to sleep throughout the night, especially as a newborn or small toddler. That’s why it’s important to help keep them calmed, relaxed, and focused when you’re not in the room with the adorable Bedtime Bunny baby soother with cry-activated music, soothing sounds, and calming night light. This stuffed animal offers relaxed comfort for young babies and growing toddlers when they’re taking quick naps, on long car trips, or laying down for the evening. And because they’re soft, squeezable, and super cuddly your little girl or boy can find physical and emotional comfort when they need it most.

Cry SensorCry Sensor

Responsive, Cry-Activated Design

When your child cries its easy to feel like you have to rush into the room to comfort them, but it’s not always the right choice as a parent. That’s why the Bedtime Bunny helps fill that “gap” by automatically turning on music and light to soothe them in their crib or bassinet, so they can be comforted without parents having to drop everything.


Support for Little Travelers

Being stuck in a car seat for long periods can be tiresome for kids, especially without other outlets. These cute Bedtime Bunny toys help toddlers feel more at ease when taking vacations, shopping trips, or jaunts to grandma’s house.


Help Babies Sleep More Soundly, So You Can Too

The Bedtime Bunny is a smart, effective way to help your baby get more sleep throughout the night, but it’s also good for parents who can use those few extra minutes. That’s why our battery-powered stuffed animal features adjustable volume control, multiple sleep sounds, and an automatic cry sensor that keeps it going for up to 30 minutes. We want you to get more sleep, so you can feel more energetic, focused, and patient throughout the day.

Sleep Habits Are ImportantSleep Habits Are Important

Cry SensorCry Sensor



Bedtime Bunny Dream CloudBedtime Bunny Dream Cloud

The Bedtime Bunny is always there to keep your baby company!

*Shown here with the Gemma Joy Dream Cloud Baby Lounger

CuddleCuddle Product Features Bedtime Bunny Baby Soother With Cry-Activated Music and Light Two (2) Lullabies Two (2) White Noise Options Mother’s Heartbeat and Shushing Sounds Built-In Calming Red Night Light Adjustable Volume Control Velcro Strap for Crib Safety AA Battery Powered (Included) Ultra-Soft and Squeezable

These baby soothers are carefully crafted to be soft to the touch and provide children with a comfortable, huggable stuffed animal that makes them feel calm and focused.

Staying Close to Mom

When children are in the womb the sound of mom’s heartbeat helps soothe and relax them, which is why we also added a mother’s heartbeat to help them find normalcy.


Never Alone in the Dark

Each squeezable bunny also features a soft glowing red light that can act as a nightlight as they fall asleep or help soothe them if they wake up in the dark. Important for children who feel separation anxiety.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Our Bedtime Bunny is powered with AA batteries and comes with an automatic sleep standby mode that helps preserve battery life, which is important for getting the most value out of every pair of new batteries.

Keep Babies Calm and Relaxed All Night Long – This cry activated baby soother helps lull your baby to sleep or soothes them if they get fussy in the middle of the night with a smart sensor that automatically turns on when they need support.
Drift Off to Dreamland with Gentle Music – The Bedtime Bunny baby sound soother with 6 sleeping sounds delivers subtle white noise, baby shushing sound, a mother’s heartbeat, or classical lullaby music including Brahms or Rock-a-Bye baby to help newborns feel at ease.
Soft Lighting and Comforting Glow – Our adorable crib soother with music and lights also produces a soft, red calming glow when your baby wakes up in the night, which adds another level of sleep-focused tranquility for boys and girls.
Super Plush, Cuddly Animal Friend – Far more than an average baby soother for sleep this adorable bunny is also a huggable best friend your child can use for comfort well into their toddler years. Easy to use in strollers or car seats too.
Thoughtful Baby Shower or Push Gift – Like a baby sleep sound machine but much more interactive the Bedtime Bunny is a wonderful gift idea for baby showers, mommy push gifts, or simply to show a friend or family member how much you care.